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You will generate your first reports in minutes after creating an account with Rilvi. Connect your Facebook Page, generate your first dashboard, select what metrics you want to have in report and just hit Generate PDF. Do you want to receive weekly or monthly updates about your Facebook Page Performance? Consider it done! You can setup scheduled reports, to receive emails every Monday, or every 1st of the month.

Don't Miss Out on Facebook KPIs

Facebook doesn’t count engagement only based on likes or shared, but on many other factors. You will get access to all the Facebook metrics you need to better prepare and review your Social Media Strategy. Which of your posts went viral, what was the engagement rate based on the number of fans or people who engaged with your posts. Demographics on who liked or unlike your page. And many more, all just one click of the button away!

Stay Connected

Total Page Likes vs Dislikes
Page Impressions
Page Clicks
Unique Page Impressions
People who saw any of the content related to your Facebook page
Paid vs Organic Page Impressions
Page Views
Page Engagement
Page Likes by Source
Page Impression by City
Page Impressions by Country
Clicks on Page CTA
Total number of clicks on the Page CTA button by people who are logged in to Facebook.
Paid Vs Organic Page Impressions


Think Ahead

Like by Audience (Gender)
Like by Audience (Age Group)
Unique Post Impressions
The number of times your Page’s posts entered a person’s screen.
Unique Post Reach
The number of times your Page’s posts entered a person’s screen. Posts include statuses, photos, links, videos and more.
Page Video Views
Total number of times videos have been viewed for more than 3 seconds.
Paid vs Organic Video Views
Avg Video View Time
The total amount of time (in milliseconds) people spent watching videos on your Page.

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