Does your business need a blog?

Consumers interact with your brand in a variety of ways that can vastly affect the success of your initial marketing strategy. When running a business, especially a new one it is important to be aware of the changes that might come along the way. Flexibility in adapting to trends is the key to move forward and to progress. But in the interests of consistency, there’s no need to change or shake things up just for the sake of doing something different but is important to acknowledge that you can and should adapt to what’s happening in the present, without compromising your brand goals and vision along the way. You don’t have to embrace change for the sake of change but change for good, to move your business forward and open up new markets for you.

The key here is understanding your target audience and tailoring your strategies accordingly. However, you must understand that your goal is not to lock out buyers who don’t fit into your buyer persona. While your main focus will be the audience most likely to buy your products, you must not discount your wider audience at large. This is especially important for businesses that rely on seasonal sales or marketing around specific trends.

Most marketers, let alone small business owners, are struggling to keep in alignment with the new developments in technology, hashtags, content trends, algorithms, etc. If you finding it hard to keep up to the latest in marketing techniques, the only consolation is that you are not alone.

Marketing plans require time, patience, commitment, and strategy – regardless of industry or size. A good marketing plan will allow you to stand out in your industry and remain visible in the eyes of your audience.

When it comes to your brand, the focus should be to make a brand that is timeless. Yes, it may evolve, but you wouldn’t change it year-on-year. It’s going to stick for at least a couple of years.

Lots of businesses have to adapt to changing market trends and test new things to see if and how they can work for their business. It is often the same as your website. People want to see that your website has updated content, that is alive. This can seem daunting to the novice website owner. The easiest way to have continuous updates on a site is to start a blog within it.

Social media has hit a new high. Meaningful engagement with followers, fans, and people coming to your website although may mean fewer numbers on your marketing strategy, it might bring more sales and bigger profits in the long run.

A blog can have little stories or details about things that are upcoming in your business, organization or club. People relate to the blog posts and feel as though they personally know the people in your business. Writing your story, making it personal and keeping it really creates the bond you need to keep your customers engaged with your brand.

If you don’t have to change products this might be the best way to go. It also works the same way with social media, sometimes businesses don’t update their social media with news or promotions, they leave it and there is no engagement with customers.

But we each have a story to be told – don’t we? The changing content brings people back to your site to visit and see what you have posted.

It’s no longer something that businesses can think about including as part of their marketing strategy. It now is something no business can afford to not include.

Capturing what is best for your small business is often just trial and error.

So, think about your site, and what information you want on it. Remember that updated content drives traffic to it. Your website is a living thing, it lives on the content you place upon it. If you look after it, it will bring dividends to you.


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