Save up to 4 hours/client/month

Marketers Spend Around Four Or Five Hours Per Client Each Month Reporting On Digital!

Some Agencies Spend Boatloads Of Time Creating Intricate Reports, Often To The Detriment Of Account Performance.

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Transforming The Way Your Clients Understand Analytics

Instagram and Facebook Historical Data

No more “Last 28 Days”. Instagram and Facebook Insights & comparison reports for whichever months you want

Analytics as Infographics

Save hours on Reports Creating. Generate them as PDF infographics in seconds!

Website and Page Health

Mingle Social Media Data with Google Analytics and SEO Audits

Digital Marketing Data Exploration and Visualisation

Get the best view of your data from Instagram, Facebook Pages, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics and more!

30 seconds

for data mining, researching into competitors, instead of 3-4 hours

60 seconds

to generate a report for Google Analytics, Facebook or Instagram, instead of 30-60 minutes

1-2 min

To generate a comprehensive on page SEO audit, instead of 1-2 hours

2-3 minutes

for keywords research, keywords persona, instead of 1-2 hours

Social Media Marketing Research, Reporting and SEO made easy. Analysis, Reporting, and Insights in seconds, so you can focus on implementing great Digital Marketing Strategies instead of wasting time on reporting.

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