Digital Marketing is is a suite of tools for digital marketing and communication professionals, to speed up their data collection activities and improve their SEO efforts

Digital Marketing Research & Reporting Made Easy

Improved workflows

You'll spend more time on client strategy and growing your business, less time on mindless data aggregation.

Infographic ready reports

Reporting will actually be an enjoyable part of your job - not something to dread every week!

Smart & Modern

You'll easily and intuitively share reports across your business or agency with a modern, concise design.

Some agencies spend boatloads of time creating intricate reports, often to the detriment of account performance. In fact, marketers spend around four or five hours per client each month reporting on digital.


Everything you need to boost and showcase your digital efforts - without the hassle.

  • Easy reports

    Easily generate reports for Facebook Pages, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics and Instagram Insights

  • Marketing Research

    Just enter the web-address of your competitor, and you'll learn about their traffic, social media, targeted audience, keywords, etc.

  • SEO Tools

    With, SEO is easy. Learn what needs to be optimised, fixed on your website, and what type of content you should focus on.

SEO made easy

We are your partners, always here to help with your digital marketing efforts

What do you get?

Infographic Reports

Easy to explain to your clients the Facebook Page Insights, Ads Results, Google Analytics and Instagram Insights

Market Research

Customer behaviour, analytics, and even social media efforts of your competitors. The tools you need to go in the right direction.

On-page SEO Analysis

Even technical SEO can be easy. Learn what needs to be optimized, minized, and use our tools to have your website in order.

Keywords Research

Learn what your customers are looking for and write the right content. Learn from trends on Google, Bing or Amazon.

Malware Scan

Automatically check if your website is flagged for malware by the most important search engines and security softwares.

Website Speed

Speed is an important factor for Google Ranking. Learn how fast your website is and how can you improve the speed.

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